How to discard handicapped applicants without violating laws.

A special entrance for prospective employees – around the side of the building from the easy access main entrance, not near any handicapped parking spaces. A 4 inch curb from the parking lot to the path to the door. A gravel path about four paces (I couldn’t measure exactly, I skipped and and jumped) to a concrete set of steps (6) between iron railings 3 feet apart. A door with a doorknob, pulls OUT to open, requiring stepping down one step to open once reaching the door.

Refuse access for caretaker that you are made aware of ahead of time.

Make the prospective employee wait 15 minutes past scheduled interview.

Ban all communication devices inside the premises ( in the name of security ). Refuse to provide communication devices claiming applicant should have come prepared. Arrange meeting in a small room when advised applicant has anxiety issues with being close to strangers. Refuse permission for translator for ASL, refuse to provide ASL capable interviewer. Refuse to allow usage of white board that exists in the interview room because it would be too removed from direct communication.

Do not allow prospective employee access to handicapped-accessible restrooms that are in the areas for employees only.

Ask personal questions unrelated to the position. (There are no personal questions relevant to a software engineer.)

Surprise! Prospective employee fails to meet standards expected of a professional software engineer.

EDIT: they get around the ASL interpreter issue because I am not deaf – the fact that I cannot understand speech nor make it is a loophole in the law.


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